Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Telugu Clan

Somebody was telling me today that there is no way they thought I would be someone that would want their daughter to marry a Telugu boy.

I guess when I was younger I would not have been.

But at this age, I have become someone I never imagined that I could become.

Of course I want my daughter to marry a Telugu boy.  I want her to learn to enjoy the Telugu culture.  From the way the rest of the girls look in family, I am guessing she will be crazy good looking. 

I understand that there is a shortage of Telugu girls in our community already and I am needed in the fight to keep our community strong and growing.

I think, unfortunately, I am going to be a dad that I never imagined I will become.

My daughter will learn to read and write Telugu.
My daughter will go to the temple to learn all those devotional songs.  (This is probably a big injustice, since I myself am not very religious, but I saw a couple of girls singing these devotional songs at the temple while beating this piece of wood on on something, and it was soo cute)
My daughter will go to India and travel all over
My daughter will wear Langa Voni's (Half-sarees are the cutest dresses for girls)
My daughter will only be allowed to date Telugu boys. - I do not care how this sounds
My daughter will never be allowed to lie, no matter what.

I am unsure if I want her to learn Bharatanatyan.
I am unsure on a career for her, so she will have to find out what she wants to do herself.

(More to come, this entry is still in the beginning stages and there will be a significant more to write about here)