Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am so Confused

I was wondering why our Telugu girls are not marrying Telugu boys anymore.  Below is an example of what these girls are thinking.

I found this by an Indian Girl online:

You know---I just thought about it. The other day I was forced to go to temple and there was this booklet there.
The booklet was about how Indian women in USA and Canada do not want to date Indian guys. They said it was becoming a problem that "their women" are running off with foreigners and different men of different races. And I laughed because I am like that.

I am Indian and do not think I could ever get with an Indian guy. I actually dislike the Indian culture very much. If I do get with an Indian guy (When I lose my mind) he has to be light skinned and completely un-attached to the Indian culture. I refuse to marry anyone from India. He has to be US/Canadian born. Why do I say this?

Just look at the OP. Just whining and whining. Indian men are very into themselves and the culture. They think that because they are men, women should bow down to them and do whatever. They are the head of the household and that is that. No questions asked. And they're dark, hairy and smell. It is especially a turn if they have a turban and talk FOB. Why would I go for a man who is dark, talks funny, has a turban, is hairy and unshaven when there are wonderful attractive light skinned boys who are not sexist or talk like a FOB? I have never dated an Indian guy and don't think I plan on it unless he is a very special case.

But nonetheless, I agree with the OP. It does suck to be an Indian man. Indian men are starting to realize what is going on in the US and Canada with "their women" running away from members of their own race.

And I hope it keeps on happening. Indian women have been repressed for a long time. And I refuse to be repressed or told I must marry an Indian guy.

Here was an answer from an Indian Boy to this girl above: (I liked his answer a lot)

Thank you very much for the very insightful stereotypical rant here, it's pretty apparent from your posts that you are a very angry, the supposedly liberal woman who wants to show her liberty by dating people(sleeping around) away from her race, and of course inherently racist with your prejudice against the dark skinned men.
Also, we would be very very happy to see dimwits like you go away from our race, it's not in our best interests to hang on to angry feminists who can't raise a family or a child, and would throw tantrums and blame the man of the household just like you do here, also, wherever you go in this world, man is supposed to be the head of the family, sorry I know it goes against your feminist agenda, but then that's the way nature intended it to be. Even here in the USA, I have never seen a proper family where the mom, dad and children live under one roof where the head of the family is a woman, it's always the man, except of course when there are angry feminists who divorce the man, make him pay through the nose, take the custody of their children away from them and call themselves the head of the broken family, you belong to that club.

Apart from all the above mentioned facts, you talk crap about people that have come into this nation recently by calling him FOB's, you perhaps assume that you have a divine right to claim this nation as your's, sorry to break your ice hun, but this nation is built on immigrants, and more and more of them would continue to come, there's nothing you can do to stop it. Also, in case you have had a proper brain and IQ above 40, you would have known that the OP himself is born and brought up in USA, essentially, an American, NOT an Indian, lol.

Also, even though you might feel happy about the fact that there are some self hating, deeply inferior complexity bearing feminists, the majority of Indian women even here in USA overwhelmingly go for Indian men, and there are quite a few American women who are into Indian men for that reason, I guess that might break your heart, but that's the way it is. Also, I am sure no Indian in his right mind would want to even touch a racist(dark skin hating) and megalomaniac(delusions of women domineering men) excuse of a creature like you, in fact, no man of any race would go for you. It's sad thinking about what a future you have ahead, but you deserve every bit of it.

A dark skinned Indian(and proud of it) 

I am not going to criticize this young ladyShe is obviously not attracted to Indian boys and it would be a mistake to force her to get married to one.  I think if her parents had taken her to India more when she was younger it might have been a different story, but at this stage of life it is much too late to convince her otherwise.

But I am going to give you a caveat here.  I saw these girls raised in USA come to India for Medical College and even the ones with the craziest history (At least as far as the rumors we heard), everyone of them married an Indian boy.  So I guess at that age of between 18-22 if you keep these girls in India for an extended period, they will marry Indian boys.  Nobody forced them to marry, but there is obviously something about hormones at that age and having no other choice available.