Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rules for my Daughter or Son

I have done so many things wrong that I do not have the time to even list them.  But based on my experience I am going to offer you some advice:

1) Live an Honest and Truthful life. - Even if this path is much harder and longer, it does not matter, follow the path of honesty.

2) Do not write an email or do a search on the internet that you do not others to know about.  Everything you put on the web is stored and findable.  Each search you do, think that I am sitting and watching behind you, would you still do that search or write that email?

3) Be faithful.  A young lady has controls to the honor of her family.  The easiest step is a misstep.  DO NOT be unfaithful no matter what tempting choices are laid out for you.  You want to be thought of as honorable and courageous.  You do not want even one person to think of you as a Whore.  I will be there to support you either way, but I want you to know what is expected of my daughter.

4) Be frugal.  I used to want a Mercedes and after I got one, I could careless about it.  I wanted a Rolex and after I got one, I could careless about it.  Possessions do not matter.  I do not care how much you want something, think it over before you buy it.  I am going to leave you with a lot of money and businesses and I want you to use these to first help yourself, and then when you are comfortable, help others.

5) Be Healthy.  You are a product of your DNA and trust me that you have a terrible DNA.  Your family has heart trouble and Diabetes.  I want you to be healthy your whole life and that starts at an early age and I am going to push you, so that you are healthy.  But you will only be with me for a short time and when you are on your own, I want you to maintain healthy habits.

6) Marry young.  Everything in life becomes so much easier when you marry young.  Trust me on this and try and get married before the age of 25.

7)  Marry someone within 1-2 years of your age.

8) Never marry for money.  Try and find a kind and supportive spouse.

9) I would prefer that you marry a Telugu person, but I do not want you to take this as a life's mission to try and find someone that fits my criteria.  You have to live with someone your entire life and it is very important to find someone that you love.  I may suggest somebody and actively arrange dates, but that is because I feel I am doing the right thing, but ultimately it is your choice.

10) DO not do drugs, it can never lead to any good.  This is an absolute.  If I find that you are doing drugs, I will have to act harshly.

11) My job is to make you a productive member of society and I take that job very seriously.  Your job is to have fun and word hard.

12) Schooling was very easy for me and I never really excelled at it, because I could pass almost anything without even trying.  There is a huge difference in the life styles of people that get straight A's and all the others.  You have extremely brilliant people in your family and I expect that you will be very smart.  I want you to push yourself to get straight A's.  If you need help I will be there to push you and I am doing this not for me, but for you because I know the importance of those perfect A's.

13) You come from a very athletic family and we will have to find a balance between sports and academics.  Your great grandfather and both of your cousins, Brendon and Rekha and I were great athletes in our day.  I will help you with the best coaches and training.  Unlike the rest of the Indian parents who could careless about sports, you will be pushed to excel in both.

14) Do not be afraid to fail.  I have failed in so many things, before I was successful.  Always keep trying.

15) I am new to money and was initially kind of a showoff.  I want you to realize that money is just something to help you lead a comfortable life.  It is not an end goal.  Do not worry about who has what.

16) It only takes one bad apple to deplete a family fortune.  Your grandfather and I will likely leave you significant assets and I am not sure how, but I will come up with a way to protect those assets.  Your great grandfather was given significant assets and he squandered it all away and I will not allow that to happen in this family again.

17) You CANNOT beat the casino, so do not even try.  Play with small amount you can afford to lose and not a penny more.  I would say the max you can play with is one days income in a single day in the casino.

I will write down more things I have learned here over the next few days.