Monday, January 21, 2013

DC - My Opinion

I have been hanging out in DC for about a month and the big difference in DC since when I was younger, that I have seen, is that everybody thinks that are somebody, everybody has a plan to make millions, and everybody has a plan to get a government contract or government money.

Seems like that sleepy little town I knew is gone and replaced by this huge mob of people that all have big plans and are in a hurry to achieve success.

Every store you go to is a zoo with crazy amounts of people.  I went to Costco in Virgina and there were so many people there.

I do not like DC anymore.  I used to live here when it was this sleepy little town, and that is the DC I remember and love.

Just based on how many more people live in DC, I can guarantee you that we need to cut the size of the government in half.  There is no way we need so many government employees.  I have a few cousin that work for the government and they love their jobs, because they are barely doing anything with almost no pressure. 

The traffic is horrible.  There are way to many new drivers on the roads, that simply do not know how to drive.  Having all these new drivers around is very risky for the rest of the drivers.  I just 1 month in DC, I almost got into accidents twice, all caused by other drivers who were making mistakes.

I actually love Detroit.  Detroit is friendly.  There is no traffic in Detroit.  All the stores are pretty much empty compared to DC.

I for sure will be visiting Detroit a lot, if just to get away from all the craziness that is DC.