Friday, December 5, 2014

This Hurt Me a Lot

I told you I met Nalini at the wedding reception and I asked for her Brother-In-Law's phone number.  He was a pretty close friend of mine, Prasad.  I told you in the previous entry that I owed his friend $5000 and I really wanted to pay it back.  I had no clue as to Dean's or Prasad's last name.  I only got the last name when I was looking through Nalini's friends list and I saw that her sister was still using her ex-husbands last name.  That is when it stuck me, what Prasad's last name was and I searched on Facebook and I found him.  Without that last name there is no way I could have found him.  I then added him as a friend and he accepted and I got his number.

I told him that I have been searching for his contact for a long time and that I wanted, nay, had to, pay back Dean the money I owed him.  He was very happy that I had called him and we had a nice long talk.  I talked to Dean and he was happy to hear from me also.  From what Prasad told me Dean is well off, and probably did not care about the money.  But that was not for me to decide weather he needed the money or not.  I owed it to him and I HAD to pay it back to me.

Sometimes things like this slip your mind after an initial try.  I Goggled Dean and shipping, because I knew he had a shipping company.  Not much.  I Googled Dean and Prasad, but really without a last name it is pretty much impossible to find someone.  So I gave up looking and I forgot about it.  Seeing Nalini gave me the initiative to try again and this time with the last name I was successful.

So today I checked Facebook and I got this message from Nalini:

As you wrote “People do not change. Your opinion of them when you knew them is probably the valid opinion." My intuition about you was correct…you said that I don’t know the new Vijay, but you appear to have not changed at all. After what 10-15 years or longer of not being in touch and asking me for Prasad’s number was transparent. It seems that if you really wanted to pay Dean back, you would have found a way to get in touch with him without my assistance. You were obviously resourceful enough to find his number on your own and leads me to believe that you were trying to find out information that is none of your business concerning my family affairs. Your comments and conclusions that you’ve drawn are inappropriate and strike me as malicious. You’ve shown your true character and you are certainly not someone I would consider as a friend or want to be in my life. Perhaps you are extremely bored and unhappy in life to write about other people in your blog. Please do not bother responding as I am blocking you.

I am guessing that she thinks I am trying to pry into her families life.  I do not care about her family life or what is going on.  I was just excited to meet someone from my past.  Asking for Prasad's number, was exactly what I explained I needed it for.  Nothing more.  It was not trying to pry into your families life.  I have no clue what happened to you all after I left DC and I never once tried to even find out, because I simply had no interest.  

Now I did talk to Prasad and we are getting together in DC on Dec 20-21 along with Dean.  They were excited to meet up and I am very excited to meet them.

I think when you want to read others actions as evil and malicious, you can do that,  if that is what you thought going in, no matter how innocuous an action or a comment might have been.

About the last thing I am in my life is bored.  If you want to use the words: over-worked, over-burdened, stressed, then yes you can substitute any of those words in place of bored.  

As far as writing my blog, it is mostly about me, and hardly about anybody else. Mostly pictures of my daughter and mainly about me.  I write my blog because I enjoy it and I hope my daughter learns from it and can hopefully not make the same mistakes that I made.  I do not think you read many entries.

I was truly excited in seeing friends from my past.  But just by asking for a phone number for an ex-brother-in-law I get a comment from you like the above, it seems to show a high degree of mistrust.  I am unsure what I did to you to get to that level of mistrust.  If you do not consider me a friend, I respect that and will consider all my future actions with those words in mind when and if I have to ever deal with you again.

Thomas Wolf, wrote: "You can never go home again".

Truly things and people change and you cannot recapture the moments from your past.  Really no use in dwelling on the past, it is much better to move ahead.  

Not sure why, but Nalini's comments really hurt me.  When I read them, my heart was racing and I actually felt pain.  If I was someone more emotional, I am sure I would have burst into tears, but lucky for me, I can internalize pain and keep it inside of me and keep a smile on my face.

Prasad and Dean I am excited about meeting up with you guys in DC on Dec 20-21.  I think it would have been more fun in Vegas, but DC is fine too.