Friday, December 5, 2014

Dean - Chance to Fix a Mistake

There are always mistakes you make in your past and it is nice to be able to correct those errors.

I had borrowed $5000 from a friend of a friend of mine.  After a few years I wanted to pay it back but I was never able to get in touch with my friend.

I tried googling him, I tried contacting other friends of his.  Nothing.

I had this on my mind for so long and I really wanted to pay this money back to Dean.

I went to this wedding in DC this weekend and I got hold of his Ex-Wife and her sister and they claimed that they did not know his number.  I was surprised by that.  You do not the phone number for the father of your child?  Weird!  I did not remember my friends last name, but then I checked Facebook and my friends ex-wife is still using his last name.  A Facebook search later and a friend request gets accepted and boom, I got hold of Prasad.  Prasad gave me Dean number and I called him and told him how I owed him money and I wanted to send it to him.

He was, of course, surprised and pleased that somebody had the integrity to want to pay this money back.  Prasad told me that Dean is well off and the money is not a big deal to him.  But like I said, an obligation is an obligation, and when you get a chance to fix a mistake from your past, you jump on it.

So I am sending him the original $5000 today that I owed him and $10,000 towards the interest in a month or so.

I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulder with this payment.

I am meeting up with my friends, Prasad and Dean, on Dec 20-21 in DC.  It has been a long time and it will be fun to get together again.   Dean now has 4 kids and Prasad has 2 kids, so I guess our conversations will be much different than the past.