Friday, December 5, 2014

Girls Are Vindictive

Based on a lot of experiences, I would say that girls are very vindictive.  The more vindictive they are, they less likely they are to make a good wife.

I think one of the defining qualities in a good wife, is the ability to forgive and forget.

I think the older, a girl gets, the less they are able to forgive and forget and the worst a wife they make.  This is probably why older guys marry such young girls, they are simply more forgiving.

I even consider my ex-wife a friend of mine.  I am unsure what she considers me, but I do consider her a friend.

It is only because of her, that I was able to become a success.  She made me step out into the world and prove myself.  My daughter is a direct result of my extra efforts to have a kid.

Every baby bird gets thrown out of the nest and only because I was thrown out was I able to become a success, in the classical sense of the word.

So Priya, when you meet my ex-wife, in case you ever do, be sure to thank her.  You are the direct result of her throwing you dad out of the nest.