Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Car

I drive SUV's and in MI it is not a problem.  There is plenty of parking and traffic is generally very light.

In DC it is so hard to park my larger Escalade ESV and I have to be so careful when I am driving.

So I got a car for driving in DC.  Now I know why there are so few SUV's here in DC.  Every parking lot is almost always full.  The roads are crazy busy all the time.

I am going to leave the large SUV back in MI so that I have something to drive there.

Traffic is so crazy here, I think that I have almost gotten into an accident every few days.  I had an old lady pull out in front of me when I was going 45 miles an hour.  I had a car swerve into my lane.  I had a car go straight when he was in a turn lane only.  Finally when everyone is going the speed limit, there are drivers that go 10 miles below the speed limit and drivers that swerve in and out of lanes flying along the highway.  I can handle the speeders but I hate the slow drivers the most.

What causes someone to go 10 miles below the speed limit.

Like I said I just hate the traffic here and I am hoping that the new sedan will help me feel safer.