Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Dream

I had a dream last night.  I rented my parents old house in Reston VA and I was sleeping there last night.

Before I went to bed, the wife asked me when I lived there?  The only time I remember living there was with my ex-wife after we got married.  I did not say this of course and just pretended to sleep off.

Wouldn't you know it, I had a dream last night. 

I was sitting at the table and having dinner with me and the ex-wife.

Apparently she had cheated on me and we had worked out the issues and were back together.  I work up a great deal of courage and finally tell her that I want a divorce and that I am unhappy.  The ex-wife keeps drinking her soup calmly and looks up at me and says ....

Damn it, I wake up before I can hear what she has to say and my heart is racing.  I mean in real life, my heart is racing at full speed and I had to calm down a bit before I went back to bed.  It took me another 30 minutes to go back to bed.

I was very restless since we have a new class staring in Wash DC and I always get very nervous before the start of a new class.