Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cousin Brother - Deepak Madala

I have a cousin brother, Deepak Madala.  He is my dad's brothers son.  He is a lawyer in Wash DC and works at Enroll America, a Non-Profit.  He does great work and has always worked at companies where he can make a difference.

I chat with him via Facebook a little bit and call a little bit and rarely visit.

There is client we placed a consultant that is based on Virginia Beach VA called Pride Team Inc. 

We had a consultant working on a government project in Austin TX via Pride Team, and they paid every invoice expect for the last invoice.

They owe us: Billable hours for Srinivas Thummaluru from 09/01/12 to 09/30/12  - $8512.00

They do not answer emails, pick up the phone and act like those typical Indian Consulting companies.  It is so annoying dealing with people like that.

OK, back to the story........

So I called Deepak, since he is a lawyer that is licensed in VA, to write a letter to this company demanding our payment.  I figured if the letter did not work, I would had over the case to a law firm that specializes in collecting debt.  So I asked him to write this letter and he said NO.

I was actually shocked and was a quite a little bit on the phone.  I said, "it is just a letter demanding payment from someone that owes me money."

He said, "No."

It is really hard to go on from something like that.  So I mumbled something and asked for help in finding some other lawyer that can help us and hung up as quickly as possible.

I was sitting with a friend and I said, "White Boy."

Yep that was my first thought, White Boy.  I could never have said No to a cousin that asked me for help.   Only a white boy could have said NO, there is no way an Indian Boy could have said NO to a simple request for help like that, especially from a cousin.

Deepak is more Indian then the rest of my cousins too.  He loves India, he loves family, but I think he has too much of a white boy in him now.  I hope to hell my kids never become like that.  If family asks for help, I hope to hell they help out and go out of their way to help out.

That was today's experience.  I felt like a boy that asked a girl out and she said NO WAY.

It was embarrassing.

Man these Indian kids that grew up purely in USA are different.

Deepak is a good kid, but too much of a White Boy for me.