Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I remodeled a house

I own a house next to Ramakka.  I mean the very next house, Ramakka lives at 6812 Kingwood and the house I own is at 6810 Kingwood. 

This was the first house that I remodeled myself with all my own ideas and it came out amazingly beautiful.  My sisters son saw it and loved it, so I sold it to him at cost.  These houses are 70 years and older and I basically brought the house back to the studs and redid everything.

I put marble flooring at the entrance, and redid the bathrooms and kitchen to make everything modern.

I made the house into a 5 bedroom and 3 full bathrooms and 2 kitchens and replaced everything.  New Central AC, new Water Heater, New Roof, replaced every dry wall, replaced the drainage in the basement.

I was really proud of the job that I did not that house, it really turned our beautiful.  I could have made a $100,000 profit, but I sold it to Brendan (my sisters son) at cost and am will make nothing on it.

I could swear, how my wife acted and others acted, that I had committed a big crime by not making money.

Life is not always about making money in my view.  If we can keep it in the family and be able to help out Ramakka by keeping Brendan next to her, there is nothing better than that in my view.  Someone needs to be next to Ramakka so that she feels safe as her girls leave the house as they get married and she ages and gets older.  It must be very comforting to her that Brendan lives next door now.  Yes Brendan is living there now, until he officially buys the house sometime in the next few weeks.  We are waiting for the closing date to be finalized.