Monday, September 23, 2013

Priya Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Priya:

We had gone for a wedding to Chicago for my friend who also happens to be my friend:

I call this picture Gundu.  Priya has a Madala eating Gene and in this picture she looks like a Gundu

 This was the first picture of Priya in her crib and I had to yell at everyone, because they had put blankets on the crib, can you imagine if they had fallen, she could have suffocated.  Good thing I always think of the worst case scenario, I of course had them remove everything off the crib.  Thank goodness I saw this picture right away.

Neeta made a cake for Priya's 5th birthday a cake that matched her dress.

When we are trying to take a picture of Priya, she started touching the cake.  So there was a hand print in the cake when we actually got around to cutting it.

This is Priya in her activity area.  I wanted to get her a something she thing she could walk in, but everyone told Neeta that was bad, so this is what Priya got instead.