Monday, September 2, 2013

Junior Jyothi

We have decided that Priya has a good chance to be Junior Jyothi (JJ).  This weekend we took her to the Detroit Telugu Association Picnic and we were there for almost 4-5 hours and she did not cry once.  She was having a great time with all the people.

The next day we went to an Engagement at a temple with lots of people again, and again she loves people.  She will let anyone pick her up and she has fun.  Even in the engagement she never cried even once.

We went out to diner to Olive Garden and the next day to California Pizza Kitchen.  During this entire time she never cried, she just loves to go out and hang out.

After she comes back, we are all tired but why she has earned her new nick name of JJ is because even after we get home she will stay up, she is totally excited and wired.

Today it is Monday and due to the lack of sleep, Priya actually has bags under her eyes.  She has earner her nickname for sure.

Priya you have a good chance to carry on in the tradition of your grandmother, because you love to party.