Friday, April 19, 2013

Delay for Vijay to India

We got on the plane and got to Dallas and they wanted us to check in again and exchange our American Airline tickets for Emirates tickets.  I get to the counter and she looks at my documents and say, you cannot get on the plane but your wife is fine.

I ask why?

She says that my PIO card is associated with an older expired passport and I have to have the expired passport with me to be able to travel or the PIO card has to have an endorsement with the new passport number.

What can you do, I let the wife go to India and I am sitting now in a hotel at the airport, The Grand Hyatt, waiting for my old expired passport to come to Dallas from Detroit.  I will get it tomorrow and I will be going to India tomorrow.

So, Priya I guess this is a lesson for you.  Daddy will not be around all the time and you will have to depend on your family for help.

So my expired passport will be here before 9:30am on Saturday and I will be leaving for India on Saturday at Noon.

I looked at how to get the endorsement for the PIO card and the amount of paperwork and documents that you need is crazy. I thought I could just fly into Houston and take care of it at the same time, but the Indian Embassy has outsourced all this work to a private company and there is no way to get this done in 1 day.

Meanwhile I have to say a big thanks to the amazing ticketing person at Emirates.  She did a fantastic job to get me a seat tomorrow.  Everything was booked for the next few days and she called Dubai and made a few changes and got me a seat.  Simply amazing.

Emirates could have gouged me, since this was completely my fault, but they only charged me $200 for the date change.  I would have paid $2000-$3000 for this change.

Thank you Emirates, your staff was wonderful and very helpful.