Saturday, April 13, 2013

Buying a Car in India

I was thinking of buying a car in India.

I thought that the Toyota Fortuner looked good, but my friends that it is bumpy and I should get the Innova.

The Toyota Innova looks like a Minivan, but is supposed to be the most practical car in India.  It costs around 17 lakhs ($31,500) will all taxes and insurance.

The Mercedes R class would be cool also, but it costs a ridiculous 60 lakhs ($110,000).

We will only be in India for 1-2 months a year.  I want my daughter to be safe and nothing is better than the Mercedes as far as safety.  So I have to weigh the safety vs cost factors. 

I do not think I can make up my mind until I get to India and take a look at both cars.