Monday, December 31, 2012

Vegas - Pawn Shop

I watch a show on TV called Pawn Stars and I wanted to try and find something that is interesting so that I would get filmed and could get on TV.  So I went to a US Customs and DEA auctions where they seize items from drug dealers and other type of people and bought a US Olympics Commemorative Gold Coin, a Johnny Dang Diamond Watch and a Gold Chain you would find on a rapper.

I went to the Pawn Shop in the show and it was actually kind of empty as far as the parking lot, but inside the store it was crazy crowds of people.  I never realized that show had such a big following.  Anyway everyone was just looking at all the stuff and I really do not think it functions anymore as a pawn shop.  There was nobody pawning stuff, there so nobody buying anything except for commemorative TV show stuff. 

I asked one of the staff members if they would buy my watch, and he said no, since it is hard to move and that they only bought Rolex's, Omega's and other popular watches.

I wanted to see how much a Rolex is nowadays and I asked to see the watch that I gave my dad a few years ago and they had the exact same watch for sale for $8995.00.  I remembering buying that watch for much less, when gold was around $250 an ounce, but with gold now at $1700 an ounce, it looks like the prices have gone up a lot.

I guess the true reality of what we see on TV is so much different than the reality.

I hear that they film the show at 6am since there are less people then, and I found everything for sale there way over priced.  I would never buy anything there.