Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kumo with his Christmas Present

Here is Kumo with his Gold Chain he got for Christmas:

I was not sure if it was the right length, but it worked perfectly, he looks so cute with it on.  Until the baby comes, he is the only son of a rich family and it felt right to get him a gold chain. (Yes it is real gold)

Now he looks Indian.

Sunand sent me a picture of Teddy with a Burberry watch, so here is a picture of Kumo with his gold chain and a $10,000 Johnny Dang watch.

Here is a closeup picture of the watch.  It has black diamonds on the top and on the side and on the band.  I actually bought this at a US Government auction for $2800 and I was going to sell it at the pawn shop in Vegas that the show Pawn Stars is filmed at.  It looks like a watch that a rapper would wear, I could never wear this.  Way to flashy.  The girls want me to keep it, but no way.