Friday, November 30, 2012

Life Plan For Next 1 Year

It is amazing how much a kid is throwing a money wrench into my plans for company expansion.  I was planning to open 2 new offices in 2013, one in DC and the other in Dallas TX.

I thought of running the DC office and putting someone else in charge of the Detroit office.

I was thinking of letting the wife run the Dallas office.

But with the baby coming the plans are all going to hell.

But a proposed schedule for the next 1 year will be: (But this schedule may change)

Dec 2012

Open new VXL Office in Falls Church VA. - Stay with Ramakka until the office stabilizes and becomes profitable. - My guess is that this will take 6 months.

Vijay moves to Wash DC in December to start marketing and setup classes.

January 2013

Start new batch of classes for Detroit and Wash DC.

February 2013

Find someone to partner with or sell 20% of company to Naveen, so that he can supervise everything while I am in DC.

I was planning to stay for 3 months in India after the baby is born, but I think that is simply to much time for me to be away from the business and I am planning to be there for 1 month after the birth and then come back to run the business and then go back in 2 months to bring the baby back to USA.

August 2013

Buy a House in Wash DC

After we get a house in DC, then Sell House in Detroit

Make final move to Wash DC from Detroit.

I am trying to find time in this schedule to open a Dallas TX office, but I do not see the time, unless I can find a partner that I can trust to run that office.

The big question is shouldn't I be happy making $100,000 a month?  Why am I expanding?

I want the baby to grow up in DC and I want her or him to get to know all his or her relatives and most of them are in the DC metro area.  So more than trying to make more money, I am simply trying to setup the same business in the DC Metro area so I have something to do every day. 

I really do not have to work any longer and live off the income of the businesses, but I think I would be bored to tears just sitting around the house doing nothing.

I was trying to outline a definitive plan for the upcoming 1 year, let us see how much of it actually happens.