Friday, June 30, 2017

PEMA Wellness - My Experience

About the only real problem I have had most of my life is being overweight.  I signed up for bariatric surgery and had paid for it, and been cleared for surgery.  So I was all set to go, but I had this persistent cough that would not go away, so I had to wait awhile until the cough cleared up.

Vasant, my roommate from India called and had been bugging me about coming to PEMA Wellness since he had been here and it is owned by his aunt.  I really blew him off and our families vacationed in Paris for 2 weeks and Vasant kept telling about PEMA Wellness and finally I made a decision to just leave everything and go.  I am booked to stay here 6 weeks.

I met a few other people and they stay here for 2 weeks and it looks like most guests stay for 1 to 2 weeks to tune their body back into shape. 

So here I am day 2 completed of PEMA Wellness and I wanted to share with you my experience so others can use this information to get healthier.

Here is PEMA Wellness website:

My first impressions:

It is beautiful.  They really went all out.  If I had money, this is the kind of place that I would build.  The details are just amazing.  They have a Koi Pond where some of the fish cost $50,000 per fish.  Really this place is just spectacular.  It sits on top of hill all by itself overlooking the ocean.

It is still under construction and I feel they made a mistake by using a cement finish on the structure, at least on the outside.  Even when it is fully finished it will look like it is under construction because of the finish.  I am sure the finish gives it a zero maintenance, but having a few colors on the outside would make this place just stand out and it would be even more beautiful.

First Day:

On the first day they weigh you and and give you a BMI and what an ideal BMI should be for your height.

Mine was 48 and I should be 24 and weighed: 142.85 Kilos or 314 Pounds.  I will keep everyone updated on what the loss is as I stay for 6 weeks on my first trip.  They do weigh you everyday, but I do not see much use in that since there will be a quick weight loss and then a plateau and then you will lose weight very slowly.  On day 2 there was a 1KG or 2.2 pound weightloss, but that could due to so many variations and do not take that as a true weight loss.  I think weekly assessments are just fine to judge the progress.

One more thing, every meal has been fantastic and even the service and presentation are top notch.  I am usually very critical on these type of things, but just excellent.  the CEO of Landmark and Lifestyle, Vipin Sethi, was here with his group for about 2 weeks and he must have traveled and  went to he best places and even his group was raving about the excellent food and the presentation.  They said during the 2 weeks there were here, not a single meal was repeated.

Above is Day 1 Lunch

One of the Juices, to the side is infused water.  Everyday is a new type of infused water.  Day 1 was apple and Cinnamon and Day 2 was Coriander Seeds.

Day 2 Lunch


Day 1 Dinner

Juice, usually given at 2pm.  I heard I am not getting anymore juices and they will switch me to fruit instead, since I am Diabetic

View from the Dining room.

I just got a 5am wake up call so I have to go now, but I will take more pictures and write more later today.  I also get a message that everybody wants to see the food picture along with the slip and I will start taking those pictures from now on.