Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Priya 9th Month Pictures

Priya and Shreya on Priya's 9th Month Birthday.  It was supposed to be a Ballerina Cake, but I thought it sucked. 

Here is the closeup of the Cake.  A Ballerina Cake, I do not think so, a southern belle with a corset on with a dress, maybe, but ballerina cake, no way.

Priya has awesome flexibility and  loves to suck on her own feet.

Priya loves climbing the sofa.  If you look on the far edge of the sofa you will see a ledge that the sofa has and she will stand on the ledge and see what is happening in the kitchen.

Here is Priya as a Ewok.  An Ewok was a character in the movie Star Wars.

Priya loves to pull hair and here she is pulling Shrekar's hair.

Priya loves persimmons.  Here she is eating and sucking on one.