Monday, December 30, 2013

Priya 8th Month Pictures

It has been a long time and all the relatives have been complaining that I have not put any pictures of Priya up, so here they are:

We went to professional photo studio and here are our Christmas photo:

To get Priya to laugh like this the photographer would take a piece of cardboard and move it in front of her so that it would swoosh some air on her face and she would laugh like this.

This was our first swim lesson at Goldfish.  They would make me pour water on her head with a cup so that she can get used to the water on her head.  She still does not like it and will shake her head and give such a pitiful expression.  She is funny.

This is a picture of her 8th Month Birthday cake.  It was cut 2 days late and obviously the cakes are getting less extravagant as she gets older.  I think it is time to stop the monthly birthday nonsense.

Sunitha, Shriya and SM feeding her the cake.  She loved it.  It was an White Alaskan Cake from Sweet Dreams.

Priya and Daddy on her little boat while daddy drags her around

Daddy feeding Priya on her 8th month birthday

Priya in her 8th month birthday dress.  Looks more like a flower girl dress to me, but it fit, so I guess it was for a baby.  She looked cute in it.

Priya just joined the Goldfish Swim school and here she is in her new T-shir.

Priya opening presents.  She finally figured out how to rip open the boxes and give her a box now and she just rips it open.

Priya sleeping, and I am sure that her mom is sleeping nearby somewhere.  This tiny little girl wears out her mom totally and completely.  No need to go to the gym with a little baby in the house. 

Poor Priya got her hair completely removed.  Bald.  Apparently in Indian culture they do this so that the hair comes back thicker and fuller.  I am not sure if this is a scientific fact, but Neeta wanted to do it, so against my wishes it was done.  Priya did not cry at all.  Mommy held her in her lap and the stylist cut her hair off.

Priyas New Jail Cell.  She is so fast, that we have to leave her in here in case we are busy doing something.  Otherwise Whoosh, she is gone like the wind, and usually to wherever Kumo is.