Monday, December 30, 2013

Priya 8th Month Videos

Priya learned to make some new noises, here she is.  It almost sounds like she is choking on something, but it is just some weird noise she is making nowadays.  For a while she learned to make some noises like a bird and she made those for awhile.  Now it is this noise:

Here is Priya Crawling Full Speed.  She took a long time to crawl, but when she figured it out, she is a handful.  She goes right to where Kumo is.

Here is the song that we sing at end of the swim lesson.

Here is Priya getting dipped underwater.  The video does not do any justice to the expression on her face.  She is so cute and funny when she gets back out of the water:

Here is Priya going after Kumo's bone.  He actually barks at the end of video at her, but she still goes right to Kumo and his bone.  That was only time that he barked at her.  After that I yelled at him, he has never done it again.  To this day if he is crying I can just take her and put her in front of Kumo and she will stop crying and laugh like crazy.  She just loves Kumo.

Priya playing in her Exersaucer.  I put this video up, because The screaming that she does at the beginning is what she does when she wakes up in the morning.  She is so happy she just screams out of happiness.  She will do that for about 30 minutes everyday.

Priya has a ton of toys but give her a few bowls and a spoon and she is so happy.  You can take the girl out of India, but you cannot take the Indian out of the girl:

Here is Priya playing with the Christmas Tree.  She was laughing like crazy on the day that her cousin Nikki was putting up the tree.

She started standing in her crib so I finally had to move the crib all the way to the bottom level, otherwise she would have tried to get out and fall.  Ok I did not do it, but I got it done, isn't that want really counts:

This is Priya on her Styrofoam boat.  Daddy is the motor and I push her around while she hangs on:

Priya is learning to walk by holding on to the sofa and then she goes sideways by holding on to the sofa.  Then she will get tired and either let go and fall on her butt or try to hold on with one hand and then fall when she loses her balance.