Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Neelu Super Clean Room

These are pictures from my nieces room and she keeps her room so spotlessly clean, I want you all to take a look at how someones room needs to be kept clean:

Neelu says that everything is in its place and she has everything organized so that she knows where everything is.

This is the entrance, notice the clear hopscotch arrangement so that she can play a game when getting into the room, by hopping over her neat arrangement of clothes.

This is the sofa to the right of her bed.  She decided that this is a perfect place to organize her purses and various bags.  Just amazing, the talent it takes to keep this clean. Wow!!!

This is her study desk.  She padded her chair with soft materials so that her butt will not hurt while studying.  Again to the rest of you, please notice the clean desk, so that she can study hard late into the night.  The desk is accented with a white table lamp.  Beautiful design.

 So Neelu, thank you for sharing your room pictures with the world, I am hoping that the rest of the children of the world can learn from you on how a room should look like.