Sunday, March 29, 2015

People to Avoid - Srinivas Nimmagadda

There is this person I know named Srinivas Nimmagadda and he has an office in the same office building as I do and owns a company called Vision IT.  I have explained in the past that you learn a lot about people when you play cards with them.  How they react to situations and how they play tells a lot about them.

In our group when someone loses at the end of the night they will write a check for a loss or take a check for a win.  There are two people in our group that simply hate to write a check and hate to give any money unless you bug them and ask them about 20-30 times.

Srinivas Nimmagadda is one of them.  He hates and I mean hates to write a check at the end of session, he will walk away and the rest of the group is nice and do not really say anything.  He will try and come the next time and win so that we can write off the loss with the win.  But even when he is down big he will not write a check and will avoid the issue.

I am usually the tough one in the group and will insist on payment after the game is over, even if it not owed to me.  It is just the right thing to do.

By the way on a side note, here a few rules to live by:

1) You are Never Never Never Ever Ever Ever going to change someone's nature.  Do not try.
2) You do not have to be the greatest card player in the world, you simply need to play in a group that has worst players then you.

Back to our story.  Why do I say there are a few people you need to avoid in life.  Last night I lost and I gave a check to the person that won.  There are a few other people that lost and as usual Kutambarao Raavi made adjustments and said that he will pay Balaji later (This is the other person that hates to write a check).  In the end Srinu won $800 and KP lost $845 and I told Srinu to collect it from KP.  KP will not pay Srinu because he says that when he won, Srinu never paid him.  He will keep it on account and adjust it like Srinu likes to do.

To make a long story short, Srinu like to yell and get loud and the rest of the group quiets down and backs away.  I have never been one to back away and Srinu started yelling at me.  Remember that I paid my loss already but it went to another player.  Srinu's nature is to never pay, but see his nature when he wins, he actually wants to collect.  He claims differently and says that he always pays, but obviously he has short and long term memory loss, because 95% of the time he has never paid a loss.

So he start yelling at me and starts to come at me to hit me and of course there is zero chance of me backing down and I had my car keys in hand and I made a fist and kept the long Escalade key in the hand protruding out, so in case I hit him, I could easily have punctured him.

I almost never get mad, but a jackass like this actually gets me to bring out the bad in me and I came home last night and realized that if so many people had not separated the two of us, I would have easily stabbed him with the key and probably caused a puncture wound with the likely outcome that this jackass would have caused me to go to jail.  The police do not see who is right or wrong, what they would see is the injury and arrested me for sure.

He is a big guy and I think he is used to people cowering and backing down because of his size.  I am sure he has almost never been in a real fight before.  But I am not one to back down from almost anything or anyone.

So I decided that I will not play with this jackass anymore and I will simply avoid this person, since he brings out this bad person in me and me going to jail is not a good thing.

I can deal with logical people, but there is no helping stupid people and I consider him extremely stupid and ill-mannered and there is no way to deal with stupid.  The best thing to do is to avoid stupid so that you do not get in trouble by having to deal with stupid.

Again I have been taught a lesson, if your instinct is not to trust someone, then walk away from that person.  DO NOT give him a second or third chance like I have done.

I do not trust Srinivas Nimmagadda so I will not talk to him, deal with him and have anything to do with him ever again.

By the way here is my reading of underlying personality of people based on how they play cards:

Naveen - Brilliant and will take advantage when there is a chance for it.
Srinu - Idiot, never learns from mistakes and will never change.DO NOT TRUST.
Prasad - Hard to read.  I am unsure on his character from his card play. 
Kiran - Not a risk taker at all and I think overall a very honest person.  I real good guy.
Gutta - In your face and honest.  Deals with risk very well and generally a risk taker.
Balaji - A politician.  Everytime he says something, it seems like a politician talking to me.  It is the answer I want to hear.
Murli - Honest, a little bit of a anger issue when he feels he has been wronged, but generally a very solid individual and can be trusted.
Anil - Good, but with a lack of ability to make quick decisions.  He evaluates risk very slowly and thoughtfully.  Works for life, but makes for an annoying player to play cards with.
Kutumbarao - Values money a lot.  Overall a good guy, but I would never do business with him.
Appa Rao - Very honest and very lucky.  Just a friendly and nice person.