Monday, February 9, 2015

Priya Videos - Feb 2015

My Dad, Mom, Ramakka love these videos.  So even if I am boring you others.  Here are some more Priya Videos.:

Priya Dancing at Rhea's Party - Part 1.  Rhea is Naveen's daughter and as usual Soumya throw an amazing party.  Naveen had 2 singers come from India and they made the party super fun.

Priya Dancing at Rhea's Party - Part 2

Priya Playing at Chuck E Cheese:

Priya Playing with Rubberbands:

Priya Wants to Change Trash Bag:

Priya Playing in Kitchen:

Mom went to a wedding in India and they had this guy there and she thought us Americans would enjoy this:

Mom went to Rajasthan and she wanted me to show this to Priya, so I thought you guys might enjoy this also: