Friday, September 19, 2014

Cost of Travel and Where to go.

I am wondering what the cost of travel will be.  I was trying to see the costs between Sydney Australia and Bangalore and it almost seems like Sydney is cheaper.  So here is the tentative travel plans over the next 1 year:

Sydney Australia - Jan 1 - March 31

Barcelona Spain - April 1 - Sept 30

Buenos Aires Argentina Oct 1 - Dec 31

I will make the three cities as the base so that I can go and visit the rest of region.  So in case any friends and relatives are interested in travel and want to visit, this is where we will be.

I thought of leaving Priya in India while we travel, but Neeta is right that since these are long trips and we are renting furnished apartments and we will not have a trip outside everyday she will be fine.

I want to see if I can sneak in a trip to Africa somewhere in there.  I really want to see a Safari in South Africa or in Kenya.  So hopefully this Ebola nonsense will subside and I can make it to Africa sometime next year.

From Buenos Aires, I want to see if I can take a cruise to see Easter Island.

I am trying to make the travel relaxed and not too stressful or in a hurry to complete anything.

Apparently I can get an International Drivers License from AAA and I can use that in Australia, Europe and in South America.